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Articles, Books And Radio Interviews: Including Mensa, The NLP Model Magazine, The Language Pattern Bible, TAPS ParaMagazine, Intrepid Magazine, Fate & Fortune, Hot Radio, The Clinical Hypnosis Textbook,  The Spirit Guides Radio Show, BBC Radio... and more!

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Filmed at Bournemouth University for the 'Features For Change' documentary on psychic/mediumship.

As seen featured in the double page article in the August 2017 edition of Chat It's Fate magazine.

'I'm phoning about your courses. My friend did the hypnosis course with you recently and he said it was the best course he's ever done!'.

Developing The Gift: Mediumship Skills Certificate Course

Evidence-based Psychic/Mediumship Course - June 2018

'Hello Kerin... It was an unforgettable week and I'm very grateful. I learned a lot. It came so fast at times that I thought I wouldn't be able to keep up, or that it would be too far over my head. But that wasn't the case. You are a great teacher - Thank you so much.' John. Netherlands.

Do you often know about things in advance of them happening? Have you had dreams that have come true? Did you ever sense the presence of a spirit? Do you think that you might be psychic, but are not sure what to do about it or how to go about exploring your gift? If any of these examples relate to you, you're not alone, many people with potentially latent, untapped, untrained psychic ability experience things like this and (perhaps like you?) don't know quite what to do about it, or are not sure how to go about taking things further either.

Developing The Gift

'It's been an honour and a heartfelt blessing to share the awakening of my journey with your guidance. Thank you Kerin!!' A. Watson. UK.

I base my mediumship training courses on the professional evidence-based mediumship readings I providing to people in person and to callers from around the world, and on my many testimonials from my clients indicating the helpfulness and, importantly, the accuracy of the information I receive.  As an indication of the kind of discerning people who have mediumship readings with me, some of my clients have included a doctor of clinical psychology, legal executives and an ex-NATO staff member.

'I would not hesitate to recommend him to others who have experienced the loss of a loved one.' Julia H. Doctor of Clinical Psychology.

'I will definitely be returning to see Kerin when the time is right and would not hesitate to recommend him in the future.' AW. Life Coach. Qualified Solicitor (Lawyer). England.

A Scientific Basis

Psychotherapists such as Dr Carl Jung and Robert Assagioli stressed the importance of developing a healthy spiritual outlook on life and Jung in particular was an advocate of survival of the soul.  In modern times researchers like Dr Gary Schwartz (Arizona State University), Professor Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne (Princeton University), Professor Archie Roy (University of Glasgow), Dr Eban Alexander (Harvard University), Dr Bernard Grad (McGill Univerity) and many others have gathered a wealth of evidence which indicates that the mind exists beyond the body and that it is capable of influencing the physical world in various ways. (Recently, for example, Dr Dean Radin pointed out on Oprah Winfrey's TV show that there have been over 1000 solid peer reviewed scientific studies of psychic ability in modern times.)

Like Dr Carl Jung and others before me, for years I myself had amazing experiences that I felt indicated I was psychic. I sensed that I saw spirits, I heard spirits, I knew about specific future events before they occurred and (when it was relevant) I believe I could often sense what others around me were thinking and doing, or planning on doing. When I met other psychics, they would tell me things like 'You could do what I do!' and 'I think you have a greater psychic ability than you're aware of', without me having mentioned anything about my experiences to them. Naturally, I was encouraged when several psychics told me practically the same thing, but also perplexed, as I didn't know HOW TO GO ABOUT DEVELOPING MY GIFT.

'Kerin, it's been an amazing journey, one that I wont ever let go. It's given me so much inspiration to 'charge ahead'. Thank you so much for this.' K.T. UK.

As a result I studied the subject of mediumship and related phenomena intensely and I began to practice using self hypnosis methods (a shamanic technique) to go into trance to take myself on guided imagery meditation journeys, in my mind, to the Otherside, where I sensed I began to meet with my guides in an identifiable way and receive accurate information from them. I then decided to take things further and travelled to various parts of the UK to attend three different training courses which sought to help attendees to develop psychic ability. I found, as a result, that I was actually able to replicate the process of tuning into my guides that I'd practised alone, in group situations too, to bring through identifiable evidence for other course members, using the methods shared with me and the other delegates on the courses by the tutors.

'Thank you Kerin, for a most profoundly special and momentous week. Wonderful teaching... that will change my life.' Kathryn. UK.

When I returned home, having demonstrated to myself and others that I could readly receive - and share - specific information, that appeared to be presented to me from the Otherside I began a process of regularly testing myself and my ability to tune into Spirit to receive information about future world events. I did this over several years, about 100 times, and discovered that it seemed I could perceive information sent to me from the Spirit Realm about up-and-coming events, that turned out to be accurate. (I even shared one such prediction on network radio, days before the event that matched what I predicted occurred.)

As my confidence developed I began to provide one-to-one psychic readings to people, and I continued to be astounded at the high level of evidence that I sensed The Spirit World would share with me, in order for me to present it in turn to my clients, to help them in various ways.  I perceived names of loved ones, details of what some clients had been doing just before they had readings with me, descriptions of relevant locations, occupations, memorable objects and so much more from the Spirit Realm, which was confirmed to be accurate by my clients.

Others get results too

As time passed I sensed that I was being led by Spirit to help others who, like myself, sensed that they probably had psychic ability and a connection with the Spirit World, but didn't know how to go about developing it. At first I presented some short workshops - during which some delegates achieved quite significant results themselves. Then I felt guided to begin to present a longer course, during which people like you could immerse themselves in 4 days of high-quality mediumship training, in order to seek to tap into an underused latent psychic ability.

In the media

In recent years I've been interviewed about my work as a psychic/medium, by request, on both Hot Radio and BBC Radio Solent. I also appeared four times on the Internet podcast show called The Spirit Guides Network Radio Show talking about (and demonstrating) my abilities.  My angelic experiences have been featured in the nationally published high-street magazine called Fate and Fortune... plus my work was recently highlighted by TAPS ParaMag(the spin-off magazine from America's popular TV show called Ghost Hunters, which is now syndicated around the world) and by the USA paranormal magazine called Intrepid.

Recently the famous TV medium TJ Higgs highlighted my abilities during one of her live shows in Bournemouth, based on information that was being provided to her at the time by my departed grandmother (TJ had never met me before).

Hot Radio

Hot Radio

Here's a copy of the interview I had with Geoff Carter on Hot Radio on April 15th 2013 (minus the songs, news reports, etc): Hot Radio Interview.

Here's a link to the Hot Radio page for Geoff Carter's Show. Hot Radio.

BBC Radio Solent.

Here's a copy of my second interview with Alex Dyke on BBC Radio Solent on 4th March 2013 (minus the traffic reports, news and interspersed songs): Second BBC Radio Solent Appearance.

Here's a link to the BBC Radio Solent website page for Alex Dyke's show: BBC Radio Solent.

'Thank you for the wonderful week's course.' Ruth. UK.

BBCNow of course, I can't promise that you will become the next John Edward or TJ Higgs, or indeed, that you will definitely develop useable psychic ability. However, I can guarantee that others who've trained with me have achieved remarkable results, and, what's more, I'll be teaching you based on my belief that I have decades of experience of communicating with the Spirit Realm - to the extent of presenting professional psychic readings that others have been prepared to vouch for (read my testimonials for more information).

Dedicated Mediumship Skills Development Course

Here's what you'll learn about:

* Together we'll explore the use of altered states of consciousness, for potentially meeting and communicating with spirit guides and departed loved ones.

* You'll learn to notice information that's presented to you in a variety of ways (images, words, thoughts, feelings, etc).

* You'll learn about how to begin to interpret symbolism (an integral part of spirit communication) 

* You'll learn about mental mediumship, shamanic journeying and channelling methods.

* You'll have the opportunity to actually practice using these methods yourself, to potentially bring through evidence from the Otherside while training with others, in order to seek to gain evidence for them (and for yourself) of your ability to communicate with The Spirit World.

* And more!


Psychic Mediumship Demonstration at the Springfield Hotel

This Mediumship Skills Certificate Course (runs over 5 days).

Next Programme: June 2018.

'Kerin, I want to hear about what you do next with the wonderful gift given to you. Don't make it the 'best kept secret', share it... You are a Master in what you do.' Vanda. United Arab Emirates.

Tuition: The cost of this course is £350.00

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Location: Bournemouth, Dorset, England.

Award: Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded the Soul Synthesis Ltd Mediumship Skills Certificate.

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'Kerin Webb's Ultra Hypnosis recordings are brilliantly designed... There is a beautiful elegance that pervades all of Webb's work, and as always, integrity and compassion rule the day. If you're looking for powerful change protocol wrapped in a highly relaxing, fluid, and effortless delivery, then search no farther. Kerin Webb's hypnosis recordings are top-notch! I will be recommending them to my own students.'

Dr Mike Mandel.

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As used by celebrity guests of ITV's popular daytime TV show called 'Loose Women'.


'I own several hypnosis recordings from Ultra Hypnosis... As a user I enjoy them for their outstanding technical quality and their relaxing and inspiring content. As a hypnotherapist I find them very useful to study the language patterns and the structure of the inductions. I especially value the possibility to learn from submodalities used such as intonation and speed variations which cannot be observed when reading hypnotic material. I can highly recommend this material for clients as well as learning hypnotists!'

Dr. Matthias Kaiser Ph.D (Linguistics) University of Leipzig, Post Doctoral Fellow in Cognitive Science, University of California Berkley and Research Scholar at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California.

Listen to my latest radio interview - this time on Forest FM with Alison Crocker: CLICK HERE FOR FOREST FM INTERVIEW.

'I would just like to say that was the best reading I have ever had, you were so spot on with the messages...' D.A. UK.

'Hi Kerin, I just want to thank you for today's reading. It was really impressive. All the info you gave me was accurate. I don't know what to say?! I look forward to speaking with you again in the near future. Muito obriganda (thank you). You are an amazing reader. I wish you all the best. With regards, N.C.'

'Kerin, Can I just thank you so much for the reading last Saturday...You got everything so spot on... Thank you Kerin, thank you so much.' Rose.

'Hi Kerin,Thank you for yesterday the details were amazing.' Natasha.

'Kerin, I am hugely impressed with your work.' Tharaphi.

'Dear Kerin, Thank you very much for a wonderful reading... You are so accurate!' Assistant University Professor. Japan.

You Touched My Life In A Profound Way

'Thank you Kerin. It was an amazing experience talking to you. I'm so in wonder by what we discussed that sometimes I pause from what I'm doing and stare in wonder and then I smile because I know it's true. The things you told me nobody could have known. You touched my life in a profound way. Thank you. Anamaria.'

Email received after a psychic/mediumship reading.

'You are very gifted and it was a pleasure to speak with you...thank you...' A.H. England.

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