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***PTSD Fear Of Abandonment And Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Therapy Sessions.***

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Articles, Books And Radio Interviews: Including Mensa, The NLP Model Magazine, The Language Pattern Bible, TAPS ParaMagazine, Intrepid Magazine, Fate & Fortune, Hot Radio, The Clinical Hypnosis Textbook,  The Spirit Guides Radio Show, BBC Radio... and more!

'I'm phoning about your courses. My friend did the hypnosis course with you recently and he said it was the best course he's ever done!'.

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Matthew Manning - The World's Most Scientifically Tested Healer: Eos Seminars Ltd September 2 008 Newsletter
The Real Deal - Review of The Healing Intenet Workshop with Matthew Manning: Eos Seminars Ltd September 2008

Please note Matthew Manning's website address has changed from to .
The Wizard of Wisconsin - Frank Farrelly's Provocative Therapy

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Trance of a Lifetime!
Complementary Medicine Support Services

1) Hypnosis / NLP and other therapy related links

Alison Smithies @ Tranquil Soul

Alison provides hypnotherapy treatments, reiki and animal healing. For more details visit her website.
Andrea is a professional hypnotherapist, skilled in Ericksonian Indirect Hypnotherapy principles and practice. She is also Level A and Level B BPS (British Psychological Society) qualified in psychometric testing. She is accredited with a variety of psychometric / training tools such as; Human Synergistics Lifestyles Inventory & Leadership Impact, Stephen R Covey’s ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People’ and has facilitated sessions using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Jinny Ditzler’s ‘Best Year Yet’. In addition, she is a Founder Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management. Andrea appears regularly on the radio speaking about hypnotherapy.

The Complementary Medical Association

General Hypnotherapy Register

Josie qualified in Hypnotherapy and NLP at Eos Seminars in 2003 and later as a Life Coach, she is also a Shiatsu practitioner.  See for more info.The Hypnotherapy Association
      From the site owner: 'NLP Practitioner, Glasgow.  Dorothy C. Le Grove is a Master Practitioner of NLP. Please phone for a friendly free initial consultation for help with interview nerves, smoking, confidence, mild depression, panic attacks and public speaking. Tel - 07815 751 158'.

New Dawn Hypnotherapy

Chris Harrison's website, for information about NLP and Hypnotherapy.
The Language Pattern Bible contains an A-Z exposition of Indirect Hypnotherapy language pattern principles.
Therapist Support Network for: 1- Hypnotherapists & NLP practitioners. GHR peer support group, meetings alternate months. New or existing therapists welcome. 2 - Energy Psychology (Meridian Therapies) support group for practitioners/trainers of any EP Therapy (includes EFT, TAT, EmoTrance & more) meets alternate months. Meetings on Saturday afternoons at Colbury Hall, Ashurst, easy access from M27 J2. Contact Barbara 02380663658 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ultra Hypnosis
On this website you can learn about the Ultra Hypnosis audio hypnotherapy range of CDS and MP3 downloads which are available to purchase in the shops or direct from the Ultra Hypnosis website.

2) Spiritual Links

Visualize New Earth. A visualization website to help everyone create a better world.
After a dramatic hit and run accident which doctors were amazed she'd survived Corrine suddenly found that she'd developed psychic powers. Voices and images from the world of spirit started to make their way through to her. At first she tried to resist them - because she didn't believe in spirits - but eventually the evidence was just too much to discount. Corrine's psychic art has been proven to be remarkably accurate, especially when placed side-by-side to photos of the people she's drawn (photos which she didn't see until after the drawings had been made!). Now Corrine gives accurate and inspiring messages from the realm of Spirit to people from around the world.
Doreen Renphrey:

Shamana - Shamanism Website

Spirit Guides

3) Animal Welfare Links

Help Stop Animal CrueltyKentucky Fried Cruelty?

Who would ever want to eat KFC again after viewing this PETA video? Let's unite to build a better world than this.

Watch more videos at

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Ultra Hypnosis Audios: Hypnotherapy MP3 Downloads

'Kerin Webb's Ultra Hypnosis recordings are brilliantly designed... There is a beautiful elegance that pervades all of Webb's work, and as always, integrity and compassion rule the day. If you're looking for powerful change protocol wrapped in a highly relaxing, fluid, and effortless delivery, then search no farther. Kerin Webb's hypnosis recordings are top-notch! I will be recommending them to my own students.'

Dr Mike Mandel.

As used by celebrity guests of ITV's popular daytime TV show called 'Loose Women'.


'I own several hypnosis recordings from Ultra Hypnosis... As a user I enjoy them for their outstanding technical quality and their relaxing and inspiring content. As a hypnotherapist I find them very useful to study the language patterns and the structure of the inductions. I especially value the possibility to learn from submodalities used such as intonation and speed variations which cannot be observed when reading hypnotic material. I can highly recommend this material for clients as well as learning hypnotists!'

Dr. Matthias Kaiser Ph.D (Linguistics) University of Leipzig, Post Doctoral Fellow in Cognitive Science, University of California Berkley and Research Scholar at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California.

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